• REALTOR® of The Year Nomination Form < HERE >
  • Affiliate of The Year Nomination Form < HERE >
  • Rising Star Nomination Form < HERE
  • Good Neighbor Award Nomination Form < HERE


Complete Nomination Forms MUST be turned in.  Incomplete Forms will not be accepted.  Complete ALL pages prior to submission.

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Have you thought about Serving on our Board of Directors?

Now is the time to let your desire to serve known!

Here are the documents for our Association's Open Positions:

Download them and fill them out so we can know that you have an interest in serving.

Job Descriptions / Qualifications to run

* Application to Serve (Application and Consent forms)

* Petition to run form (With the required 5% signature sheet needed to run)

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Want to Invest in RPAC?

Here is your direct link.  All you need is your Member ID to log in.

CLICK HERE to continue

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< AssociationSphere LOG IN >

Create your own personalized login to our Exclusive MEMBERS ONLY area of our website.

Use your Name and email that we currently have in order to get your account to work correctly.

If you have ANY questions call us at (208)523-1477

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Safe Showings

Safe Showings Sign Up.

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How to set up your Greater Idaho Falls Association of REALTORS® Member Portal Account.


Have the following information ready:

*  The email address you previously provided for your GIFAR Membership (check any email that you have received from us to see which one you are using).

*  Your First and Last Name as it appears on your GIFAR Membership application

*  Have a picture ready to upload it to your account


When you are there you will enter your email address and then click "SIGN UP" (not sign in) (no password needed, yet.)

On the next page enter:

* First Name (from your membership record)

* Last Name (from your membership record)

* E-Mail Address (from your membership record)

* Password (that you want to use)

* Re-Enter your desired password

*  Mark "I'm not a Robot"

Then select "SIGN UP" (not sign in)


You will then see a screen saying: "Congratulations! Your Account Has Been Created Successfully!

Please follow the instructions sent to <your email address> to complete your registration."

Check your email for an email from "<>"  Saying:  "Welcome to the Greater Idaho Falls Association of REALTORS® portal" and complete the steps for your registration.

Just click on the link in the email to activate your account.

A screen will show saying: "Complete

Congratulations! Your Account Has Been Activated Successfully!

Please login to start using the portal:  Login "

Click on LOGIN to start using the portal.

Use your email address and your login and then click on "SIGN IN" (not sign up)

Once Logged in, Select your NAME in the upper right hand corner and then select "UPDATE MY INFO"

There you can update the information we have on file for you as well as you can click on "SELECT" under the picture icon on the LEFT to upload an accurate picture of you.

This will be where you login to renew your membership, sign up for the Association sponsored events and more!


Are you ready?  Sign in here to Create a NEW account or to Sign In to an existing Account. 


Member Area - Q & A

Which Forms Do I need?


Take a look at the following questions to determine what forms you need.  There are FOUR different Options:



I am a New Real Estate Agent and I Am Applying to Become a REALTOR® Member with the National, State & Local Associations:

Before you begin:

Do you have an "ACTIVE" Real Estate license in Idaho?  Please check by going HERE.  If the Idaho Real Estate Commission does not show you as "ACTIVE" then you must wait until your license is "ACTIVE" before making your application with us.  REMEMBER to write down your License number because you will need it to put on your "Membership Application."

  • Applying for NEW REALTOR® Membership is easy!  Just follow these easy steps:

Step 1:

  • CLICK HERE to fill out the online Application and to pay your Dues and Fees. 
  • If you completed your Application, but failed to pay your dues you can access the Payment Portal HERE.  
  • Our Association Believes in RPAC and has placed $100 onto the application for REALTOR® Membership in an effort to get 100% participation with RPAC.  If you have any Questions about what RPAC is please contact the RPAC Chair or visit this site < HERE >.  Your Investment in RPAC is voluntary and if you do not want to contribute you can contact the Association office prior to your completing the Application.

Step 2:

  • Once we have reviewed your application and received your dues (you will receive an email with a confirmation of payment), we will then email you your Member ID (it is called a NRDS #).  WAIT TO CONTINUE UNTIL YOU HAVE BOTH EMAILS!  (You can call the Association office for the number after we have had a chance to process your Application.)
  • Once you have your Member ID (your NRDS #) you can then:

Step 3:

  • Take the REQUIRED Code of Ethics Class ONLINE by visiting this site with your newly acquired Member ID or NRDS#.   < CLICK HERE to begin >
  • You will also need to take the REQUIRED "New Member Orientation Class" and you will be contacted by a Member of the New Member Orientation Committee inviting you to attend.  Failure to attend the Class may result in a $250 fine and suspension of your Membership.
  • Once you complete both the Code of Ethics and the Assosciation's New Member Orientation Class you will no longer be a PROVISIONAL Member but a FULL MEMBER with the Association. 
  • Enjoy the benefits of your REALTOR® Membership!
    • Access to the REALTOR® forms, Ability to attend the Association Meetings, use of the SafeShowings app, and More!

Step 4:

  • Contact the MLS office to arrange for Membership with the Snake River Regional Multiple Listing Service. < By Going HERE > or Calling (208)524-3463
  • Membership in this MLS gives you access to the MLS database, SUPRA KEY lock box access, the ForeWarn app, and More! (Some additional fees may apply)
  • They will have you attend an MLS Orientation Class.  This class is different from the New Member Orientation Class you are required to take when you join the Association.  Plan on taking these TWO different classes!

**No action with any application will be taken by the Association Staff until all of the correct paperwork has been received, dues are paid, and we have confirmed the License Status with the Idaho Real Estate Commission.

If you have additional questions contact us:  (208) 523-1477 or 



I am an Existing Agent, Licensed in IDAHO, and I want to Join the Association as a Secondary REALTOR® Member:

This means that you have an ACTIVE Idaho Real Estate License and your Designated Broker is currently an ACTIVE Member of our Association and you are wanting to Join our Assosciation in Addition to your current PRIMARY Association here in IDAHO.

Step 1:

  • Is your BROKER currently a Member of our Association?  If not, they would need to join first before you can join us. (If you are the Designated Broker and applying for Membership then go to Step 2)
  • Are you currently paying REALTOR® dues to the National Association of REALTORS® and the Idaho Association of REALTORS®?  If so then all you need is to Join our local Association as a SECONDARY Member by going to Step 2.

Step 2:

  • Once you are sure that your Designated Broker is a Member of our Association then you can apply for SECONDARY Membership by filling out the ONLINE Application < HERE  >.

**No action with any application will be taken by the Association Staff until all of the correct paperwork has been received, dues are paid, and we have confirmed the License Status with the Idaho Real Estate Commission.



I need to transfer an agent into or out of my Brokerage:



I need to make an Agent Inactive:

  • In order to Inactivate your Membership with the Greater Idaho Falls Association of REALTORS® you will first need to have your Responsible Broker INACTIVATE your license with the Idaho Real Estate Commission.  They would LogOn to their account at and pull up your License Information and change it to INACTIVE.
  • Then your Broker will need to submit to us a completed  "Agent Status Change Form
  • Have that form completed by your broker and have it marked that you are going INACTIVE.  That can be emailed to us at .
  • Once that is done we can go on to the same site to verify that your license is on INACTIVE status and then we can INACTIVATE your REALTOR® Membership.
  • Then you will need to contact the MLS office to stop your Billing as well as you contacting SUPRA to stop the billing for the SUPRA e-Key service.



**No action with any application will be taken by the Association Staff until all of the correct paperwork has been received, dues are paid, and we have confirmed the License Status with the Idaho Real Estate Commission.




Chief Executive Officer
Michael James Johnston

Administrative Assistant
Ryan Stowers