Idaho REALTORS® advocates on behalf of it’s members at federal, state and local levels of government to promote the development and adoption of policies that protect private property rights, advance industry standards for consumers and REALTORS®, and encourage the American dream of home ownership. Successful advocacy is achieved through a variety of people and programs.

Success Stories In Idaho

Short Term Rentals

RPAC is aiding in the fight against Short-Term Rental (STR) regulation across Idaho.  In Lava Hot Springs the city has placed restrictions on what homeowners can do with their property and RPAC is there to help with Private Property Rights.

Down Payment Assistance

Thanks to RPAC, homeowners are not required to put a minimum of 20% down to buy a home.

Transfer Taxes

Thanks to RPAC, Idaho does not have transfer taxes and there is not a tax on commissions.


Thanks to RPAC, REALTORS® received crucial unemployment benefits in the CARES Act.

First Time Home Buyers Savings Account

Because of RPAC, Idaho created a First Time Home Buyers Savings Account.

Homeowners Exemption

Thanks to Idaho RPAC, the April 15th filing deadline to apply for the homewowners exemption was removed so that homeowners can apply for the exemption at anytime.

School Board Member Elected

October 2021
Our Local RPAC was able to help elect a fellow REALTOR® Member to District 93's School Board.

Essential Workers

March 2020
When Idaho was entering the Covid-19 Pandemic, REALTORS® were not going to be deemed "essential workers."  Thanks to Idaho RPAC, the real estate industry and related services were listed as essential during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Placemaking Grant from the REALTOR® Party Helps the Selkirk Association of REALTORS® Support Development of an ADA-Compliant Trail

April 2021
When the local Land Trust acquired 180 acres for a community forest outside Sandpoint, Idaho, the Selkirk Association of REALTORS® made supporting accessibility a priority. With a Placemaking Grant from the REALTOR® Party, it provided benches along the level half-mile path to ensure connecting with Nature was easier for those with limited mobility.
April 2021
When the local Land Trust acquired 180 acres for a community forest outside Sandpoint, Idaho, the Selkirk Association of REALTORS® made supporting accessibility a priority. With a Placemaking Grant from the REALTOR® Party, it provided benches along the level half-mile path to ensure connecting with Nature was easier for those with limited mobility.
May 2020
The Idaho Association of REALTOR® brought its savvy advocacy to bear on a pair of bills helping first-time homebuyers get a leg up in an increasingly expensive market: a dedicated tax-free savings account program, and the elimination of the filing deadline for applying for a homeowner’s tax exemption. Both have been signed into law.
November 2019
The Coeur d’Alene REALTOR® association wanted to use one of the REALTOR® Party’s Smart Growth Action Grants to help a local community where its members live and work. Working together with the City of Rathdrum, Idaho, they planned and built a ‘Storybook Trail’ at the base of Rathdrum Mountain.
March 2019
With a series of Smart Growth Action Grants, Selkirk REALTORS® supported a multi-year planning process for an integrated network of pedestrian and bicycle routes in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. Complete with graphic branding and signage, the plan will enhance the local active transport scene for residents, and contribute to the region’s growing appeal to bike tourism.
July 2018
The pride that comes with having served in the armed forces makes it hard for many veterans to seek help securing and maintaining housing. “If anyone’s going to do something about their housing needs, it’s going to be the REALTORS®,” says the Executive Officer of Idaho’s Sun Valley Board of REALTORS®. But first, they have to find them.
May 2018
In the fastest growing region in the fastest growing state in the nation, the public school facilities could not keep up with the booming student population. An Issues Mobilization campaign helped get a $95 million bond measure approved for new schools, school expansions, and the purchase of future school sites.
October 2017
Using a pilot Walkable Communities Grant from the REALTOR® Party, the REALTORS® of Boise, ID, jump-started a much-needed visioning process for an improved Orchard Street Corridor: a major downtown thoroughfare that was neither attractive, convenient, nor safe for pedestrians.
October 2014
Clocking in at just 235 members, Idaho's Greater Pocatello Association of REALTORS® (GPAR) nevertheless thinks big when it comes to RPAC fundraising. Earlier this year, the association put an RPAC grant to work by hosting a “Surf & Turf Dinner and Raffle” where they raised more than $20,000, and inspired 21 members to step up to the next investor level – including two who joined the President’s Circle.
May 2014
No one ever said it would be quick or easy. But the Ada County Association of REALTORS® (ACAR) stuck to its conviction that focusing on workforce housing is good for everyone in a community. The 3,000-member association is finally beginning to see results from its years of diligent Employer Assisted Housing efforts in and around Boise, Idaho.
December 2013
Ever since the world's first chairlift was installed at the Sun Valley Resort in the 1930s, the local economy of this idyllic resort community has been chiefly dependent on visitors. A number of these tourists will become second home owners at the highest end of the market.
August 2013
In its first-ever experiment with political involvement, the 250-member Greater Twin Falls Association of REALTORS® proved that you don’t have to be big to be effective. The city of Twin Falls needed to expand its waste water treatment plant, in order to support the growth and attract new business. With help from the Idaho Association, as well as a $10,000 Issues Mobilization grant and campaign assistance from NAR, the Twin Falls Association worked with local businesses and citizens to promote a special ballot initiative to fund expansion of the plant. They used the grant to develop direct mailers, business flyers and a live reminder phone call to voting households before the special election. In the end, nearly 70 percent voted in favor of funding the initiative.
June 2012
The 3,000-member Ada County Association of REALTORS® (ACAR) first used an NAR Ira Gribin Grant to develop a three-pronged housing assistance program it called Welcome Home Idaho -- providing down payment assistance for working families; zero-percent loans to help with fees and interest; and Employer Assisted Housing materials and training for the community’s REALTORS®, elected officials, and business leaders. Then, it moved on to use NAR Housing Opportunity Grants to put on a housing summit; a Fair Housing campaign; a housing trust fund for lower-income homebuyers; and more.
March 2012
When Jim Johnston was appointed to the City Council of Pocatello, Idaho in early 2011, he was new to political office – but no stranger to public service. In fact, when he ran for election to keep his seat just six months later, polling partly funded by NAR found that he had a whopping 84 percent name recognition. The Idaho native had achieved this not only through his through his 30 years’ experience as a leading REALTOR® in Pocatello, but thanks to his dedicated involvement with organizations ranging from the Idaho Chapter of the American Red Cross, to the Grand Teton Council of Boys Scouts of America, to the United Way, and more. The 5,800-member Idaho Association of REALTORS® put together a campaign plan that involved promotional outreach, and an extensive get-out-to-vote effort. Then they turned to NAR’s Campaign Services Department and asked them to fund 50 percent of it – and they did.