Who Are You Going To Call?


Here we are providing a place for you to come and have your question ansered.  If you have other questions, let us know and we will attempt to add it here to benefit others.



* A Real Estate License - How do I get one? - https://irec.idaho.gov/education/ilr/

* REALTOR® Membership - What are the benefits of it?  Forms  - SafeShowings App - How do I join?  What are the costs?

* The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) - What services do they Offer? - SUPRA  -  NAVICA - ForeWarn App 

Where can I look up what Education I have taken?  When do I need to Renew My License and what Continuing Education is needed?  - Login HERE - https://apps.irec.idaho.gov/ 

What is My Idaho Real Estate License Number?  When does it Expire?  -  https://apps.irec.idaho.gov/PublicSearch  

What is my REALTOR® Member Number or NRDS #?  Login HERE - https://www.nar.realtor/user/login 

Where can I access the REALTOR® Forms? - Form Simplicityhttps://forms.formsimplicity.com/index/signinInstanethttps://pr.transactiondesk.com/legacy 

Where can I access SUPRA?  - Supra Kim Mobilehttps://supraweb.suprakim.com

Where can I access NAVICA?  - www.NAVICAmls.net 

When are my REALTOR® Association Dues Due?  When are my MLS Dues Due?

When is the Next Association's Orientation Class? - Look HERE 

When is the Next MLS' Orientation Class? - Look HERE 

Where can I look up Education Classes that are being Offered in Idaho for Continuing Education?  -  https://apps.irec.idaho.gov/PublicSearch  



The Idaho Real Estate Commission - IREC - www.IREC.Idaho.gov - (208) 334-3285 - 11341 W Chinden Blvd * Boise, Idaho 83714

The Idaho Association of REALTORS® - Idaho REALTORS® - IAR or IR - www.IdahoRealtors.com - (208) 342-3585 - iar@IdahoRealtors.com - 10116 W Overland Road * Boise, Idaho 83709

The SnakeRiver Regional MLS - SRRMLS - www.SnakeRiverMLS.com - (208) 524-3463 - 1550 Midway Ave * Ammon, Idaho 83406




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